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Living on your own for the first time can carry a lot of challenges and responsibilities. One of these challenges is keeping yourself alive and making sure you’re properly fed, right? Today Jashindra Wawoe, resident at the Startmotor, shares were we get our healthy food in Rotterdam!

Surrounded by many supermarkets and a lot of delivery services it can be tempting to get your food delivered or from the supermarket. Yet, it can also be nice and sometimes cheaper to visit one of Rotterdam’s ten farmers markets. Where to go you asked? Well today we will tell you about the three most popular farmers markets of Rotterdam. Take notes!


The Afrikaandermarkt is probably the closest market to the Startmotor. You’ll be able to find this market every Wednesday and Saturday at the Afrikaanderplein. After a 5 to 10 minutes bikingtrip, you’ll find yourself in a multicultural area with loads to offer. This market offers a big variety of fruits, vegetabels, meats and fish.

Because it’s one of the most popular markets in the area, I would recommend to visit the market in the morning when it’s less crowded. This will also increase the chances of getting fresh pruducts. For those needing certain products in bulk, this market actually sells a lot of their products in big amounts for a low price. Keep in mind that this is a very local market and therefore can be a very crowded place to visit.

Markt Visserijplein Rotterdam

Every Thursday and Saturday the Gijsingstraat at the westside of the city is turned into a marketplace with a different variety of products. Here you’ll be able to find both food, flowers and fabrics. As this market is mostly aimed at visitors with a lower income, there is a smaller range of products and you’ll find the more basic products. However, because it’s aimed at a lower income audience, it also offers more unknown products and is by far the cheapest market in the city.

Still haven’t found what you were looking for? Pay a visit to the Rotterdam website for a look at the other 7 markets in Rotterdam.

Fun alert! Invite your neighbors for a trip to the market and share your groceries!

– Jashindra Wawoe

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